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We have made shopping from the comfort of your home easier than ever! Now you can include all kinds of healthy grocery items, pantry staples and household products in your Custom Box! And it`s simple! In order to make it easier for you, we have placed icons with each product letting you know if they are local, Canadian, organic, Kosher, vegan, non-GMO or gluten-free! Save time, eat well and let us bring your groceries right to your doorstep.
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Pure Coconut Water


100% pure coconut water that is non-GMO and Gluten Free!

Coconut Water contains 18 of 20 amino acids, including all nine of the most essential! There are naturally occurring electrolytes & a favorable potassium to sodium ratio that helps counter the impact of modern, sodium heavy diets.

Plus, all coconut water from C20 is packed fresh, with each batch flavor-tasted before being packed to ensure every can has our signature flavor and the quality that makes C2O so popular among coconut water lovers everywhere!


100% natural coconut water.

coconut water; Blue Monkey (No Pulp)
No GMOVegan